When were the Middle Ages?

Medieval historians have been debating for many years on when were the Middle Ages – was there a year that medieval period began, and was there a year that it ended? This debate will not be ending soon, so there are no easy answers. The idea that a’Middle Ages’ existed goes back to the seventeenth-century, when some writers mention that term (or its Latin equivalent medium aevum). In devising this term, these writers viewed this period as a kind of failed era between the glorious Roman Empire and their present-day, which they saw as a ‘Renaissance’ or new golden age. The Middle Ages was often portrayed as a time when there was no learning, no culture and no progress in civilization.

Today historians usually do not have such a negative view of the Middle Ages, but they still want to give it a set period in history. Here are some of the suggestions on when the medieval era started and ended (at least in Western Europe): Continued at the link below.


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