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Queen’s ‘heart of gold’ stolen from French museum

Schoolchildren look at the relic of the heart of the French queen Anne of Brittany It narrowly escaped being melted down after the French Revolution, but a 16th century gold case containing the heart of the only woman to have … Continue reading

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Experience a Medieval Easter in Kyivian Rus

Easter celebrations in Kyivan Rus park near the Ukrainian capital had a historic touch. The event organizers amazed the crowds with reenactments of knightly battles, archery competitions, and lessons on Ukrainian Easter traditions.

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A hunt for medieval Easter eggs

Easter eggs are a popular symbol of the springtime holiday, but did you know that the association of eggs and Easter is much older than our modern chocolate varieties? During the Middle Ages, the period of 40 days before Easter … Continue reading

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The Giving and Withholding of Consent in Late Twelfth-Century French Literature

Introduction: My investigations into the depiction and punishment of rape in late twelfth-century literature in northern France stem from a particular interest in some of the earlier branches of the Roman de Renart. One of these early tales recounts how … Continue reading

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Episcopal Virginity in Medieval England

  Introduction: In his classic study of medieval sainthood, André Vauchez outlines the qualities which characterised a saint-bishop in mid-twelfth-century Europe: ‘He was not expected to perform ascetic exploits or shine as a scholar, but be sober and temperate. What was … Continue reading

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Dracontius and the Wider World: Cultural and Intellectual Interconnectedness in Late Fifth-Century Vandal North Africa

    Introduction: The traditional image of Vandal North Africa is one of oppression, persecution, military aggression, and, ultimately, societal decay: the antagonistic thassalocracy of Gaiseric, the Arian strong-arming of Huneric, and the weak decadence described by Procopius.

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Your input: focus for next month

I’m thinking about doing a month focused around a single theme or topic, which one do you want to see? Women Cultures outside of Europe Health & Medicine Food & Cooking Please comment with your choice. I will add up … Continue reading

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