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Dracontius and the Wider World: Cultural and Intellectual Interconnectedness in Late Fifth-Century Vandal North Africa

    Introduction: The traditional image of Vandal North Africa is one of oppression, persecution, military aggression, and, ultimately, societal decay: the antagonistic thassalocracy of Gaiseric, the Arian strong-arming of Huneric, and the weak decadence described by Procopius.

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Crash Course: Mansa Musa and Africa

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Top 10 Strange Weapons of the Middle Ages

What were some of the more unusual weapons used by medieval armies? We put together a list of the strangest weapons that were ever used (or even designed) in the Middle Ages.

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Strange Bedfellows : The Rise of the Military Religious Orders in the Twelfth Century

Abstract: Most people would not describe Christian monks as militaristic. However, there are instances in history when Christians have strayed from their basic pacifist beliefs in the name of defending their religion. The most famous example of this would be the Military Orders … Continue reading

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Medieval Islamic Thought and the ‘What is X?’ Question

Introduction: In his early dialogues Plato presents a Socrates who goes around raising the famous “what is x?” question and receiving no satisfactory answer. In the case of Medieval Islamic Thought the raising of the “what is x?” question is fraught … Continue reading

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15 Mysteries From the Middle Ages

Here are fifteen mysteries of the Middle Ages that still debated and intrigue us  now.

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