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10 Medieval rabbits that hate Easter and want to kill you

Around this time of year you might think of rabbits as cuddly-wuddly lickle fluffykins that hide Easter eggs, but in the Middle Ages they didn’t give you chocolate, they murdered you. 1. Advertisements

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The Lords Appellant Part 2: Radcot Bridge

  In Part 1, we saw the first year of the Appellants’ attempt to control the kingdom by a ruling council. Richard spent most of that year traveling around the kingdom, trying to secure support (mostly from York, Chester and … Continue reading

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King John – the Tyrannical Ruler

  King John was the fourth and youngest legitimate son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He was born on Christmas Eve 1167 at Beaumont Palace in Oxford, and was soon moved to the Abbey of Fontevrault in Anjou, … Continue reading

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Tournaments, Jousts and Duels: Formal Combats in England and France, circa 1380 – 1440

  Abstract: This thesis examines the interplay between tournaments, jousts and single combats – here described collectively as formal combats – as ceremonial, military and political events within the context of late medieval Anglo-French history, circa 1380-1440. This was a … Continue reading

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Prince Hal’s Head-Wound: Cause and Effect

The future King Henry V was hit by an arrow to the face at the Battle of Shrewsbury – how did he survive? This was the topic of a paper given by Michael Livingston at the 48th International Congress on … Continue reading

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The Scourge of God: The (in)Visibility of Mongols in Russian History and Memory

Abstract: Despite having a long and fascinating national history, there is a two-hundred year period that is regarded by the Russian people as a horrendous and humiliating black mark upon their nation’s past. This was consequently titled (by Russians) as the … Continue reading

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Why do historians disagree? A comparison of biographies of Henry V

There can be little doubt that Henry V is one of England’s most celebrated monarchs. Shakespeare’s dramatization of the events surrounding the Battle of Agincourt has secured Henry’s place in history, with many believing him to be one of England’s … Continue reading

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