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The Giving and Withholding of Consent in Late Twelfth-Century French Literature

Introduction: My investigations into the depiction and punishment of rape in late twelfth-century literature in northern France stem from a particular interest in some of the earlier branches of the Roman de Renart. One of these early tales recounts how … Continue reading

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Emmanuel Macron agrees to loan Bayeux tapestry to Britain

President to allow Battle of Hastings embroidery to leave France for first time in 950 years The Bayeux tapestry will be loaned to Britain after Emmanuel Macron agreed to let it leave France for the first time in 950 years. … Continue reading

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Celebrating the New Year, Medieval Style

How did medieval people mark the passing of the New Year? Well, interestingly enough, it wasn’t always celebrated on January 1st. That date was the first day of the Roman civil year. When Roman law was revived in the Middle … Continue reading

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Tournaments, Jousts and Duels: Formal Combats in England and France, circa 1380 – 1440

  Abstract: This thesis examines the interplay between tournaments, jousts and single combats – here described collectively as formal combats – as ceremonial, military and political events within the context of late medieval Anglo-French history, circa 1380-1440. This was a … Continue reading

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Prince Hal’s Head-Wound: Cause and Effect

The future King Henry V was hit by an arrow to the face at the Battle of Shrewsbury – how did he survive? This was the topic of a paper given by Michael Livingston at the 48th International Congress on … Continue reading

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Why do historians disagree? A comparison of biographies of Henry V

There can be little doubt that Henry V is one of England’s most celebrated monarchs. Shakespeare’s dramatization of the events surrounding the Battle of Agincourt has secured Henry’s place in history, with many believing him to be one of England’s … Continue reading

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A little touch of Branagh: Henry V

  Abstract: Taking as a starting point the illuminating similarity between the critical reception of Kenneth Branagh’s film of Henry V (1989) and the liberal humanist reading of the Shakespearean play-text, this article highlights a series of significant stress-points in the … Continue reading

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